Thursday, February 19, 2009

New, cool foods...

So, as promised...

These are some of the new foods we've been trying.

Dok bokki, is a spicy "rice cake" type's not like the rice cakes you all are thinking about either, it's not sweet at all...REALLY SPICY, and really tasty. It's good!! (Dok bokki=the bottom pic, reddish color)

Dok, as we understand, means rice... So, if anything has that name in it, it's probably made with rice. Interesting...

Oh, and of course the kimbop. It's wonderful. Tuna is the best. (looks like sushi rolls-middle pic)
We also like's so addicting. Can it be good for you??? It's steamed, so that's a start! (top pic)
More later,

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