Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Korean New Year

Well, ladies and gents...
We had our New Year Jan. 1...while the Koreans have a New Year on Jan. 26 (Mom Walls' birthday, they picked a good day, huh?)
The New Year brought snow, as you can see. We had fun with it, but have a tough time driving around without a 4x4!
Cole says the Sonata 2 is "no joke in the snow", and B said different when we had to get around 7-8 run and go's to get up a hill near our house.
Hope everyone is doing well...we miss you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Something else:
We're gonna try to keep everyone updated on the bizzare foods we try...
so, Kimbop B's new favorite. Cole likes it too, but he wants to wait to name a fave.
kimbop is almost like a sushi roll, but it's tuna with veggies inside all rolled up in seaweed- maybe... i know it may sound terrible, but good golly it's good.
Next time we have it, we'll take a pic to post!
Love from the Childers!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well, it's the new year...and B is going to flight school to get her private pilot's license! She'll start on Jan. 20 with ground school, and off to the wild-blue yonder! We are so excited!
We can't wait for the Reddick(Anna and Abby come later to visit-not soon enough...) and Willis families to get here! We miss them, they're such good friends... more like family.
We miss all of our family, especially at Christmas, but are still having a great time.
We really do appreciate all the support from everyone. Our parents have been both rocks and strong encouragement to get out and really see the world! We're very blessed and grateful!
The good ole mustang should be here in about a week, and we'll get the pleasure(ugh) of driving all the way from Seoul back home...which will be major craziness. People here cannot drive, at all. They're always honking horns, turning in front of you, running red lights. Unreal.
and we had to take a driving test for this!??!! we passed, 100's. :)
We're excited about an upcoming trip...we're going to a war memorial (and shopping in Itaweon) It should be a lot of fun, and just the other day we decided to just get out and drive around...we got a little lost, but it's just amazing to see everything! and, everytime we go out and do anything it leaves us wanting to go and see even more! I hope there's enough time to get it all in-we'll probably be really broke after this oversea stuff, but we both feel like it's worth it to get to go on little/big adventures together! Maybe when B becomes a pilot she'll be able to fly us to Japan or somewhere cool before we have to leave this awesome little penisula!
Hopefully more pictures soon!
Love you
Brooklyn & Cole