Tuesday, June 23, 2009

B got to go on a really cool tanker (KC135) ride today! Here are some of the pics, so enjoy!
Love y'all!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello everybody! So sorry we haven't posted a blog in a while...

We haven't had internet. Hmmm, you'd think these crazy Koreans would know our address by now, but no bill= no paying= no internet. Equals no good. :)

Now, as much as we love it here...things can go so wrong all in a day. Just let me climb up to my soap box:

First of all, I think our apartment has mold or some sort of Korean weird something that makes us sick all the time. We're never "quite right". You know how many times a day we say, "Not quite right"???? Anyway. Second, our kitchen is flooding everytime we try to wash dishes. Wow, as if not having a dishwasher wasn't enough to piss ya off. ? Excuse me. :) Did I mention that the parking sucks too? Yeah, we never really have parking places and Koreans are always saying "No farking" haha, yeah...they get confused.

Then, B's car is (oh, how she loves the mustang) acting like a fool... The airconditioner is retarded. I mean, it's hotter than hades out here and the stupid thing doesn't work half/more than half the time. Just got word that it's the fan, hahaahahahahaha...I feel crazy, 'cause in Tucson it was the radiator. :) I love that crap. Poor Coley Moley has a verification this week, which I do not know how to explain-but he's stressed to the max (never shows it, really....he motivates me daily) and we won't get to see each other too much until Friday. AWESOME.

We have such high levels of sulfur in our water, that we pay for...that the environmentalists on base tell us to NEVER EVER DRINK THE WATER OUT OF THE SINK OR SHOWER...we brush our teeth with it daily. Hmmmm, really? Can you tell it's a "I MISS AMERICA RIGHT NOW!!!!" day?

Climbing down...

Now, as I said earlier...we really do like it here...we went sea fishing, and B caught so many fish that all the men on the boat were jealous of her fishing skills. And, we went to the shooting range and went skeet shooting! That was fun, we'll definitely do that trip again!

Anyone laughing at me? Better stop. :)

Love you all...I'll try not to wait so long 'til the next post.