Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One whole year.

Well, we've been married for a whole year. It's been so exciting, what with all the moving, that we didn't even realize it until a couple weeks before. We took a trip to Seoul, which was really fun! We went to a Korean "broadway" type performance, where Brooklyn got pulled up on stage. Very funny! We also went on a tour to see a huge Palace, where 27 kings from the Jeosan(spelling) dynasty lived. Then, we went to see a Budhist's temple...fun filled! Did some shopping in Itaewon, which is a Korean shopping strip that caters to Americans... Very nice. We had a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant, oh man... We stayed at the Dragon Hill Lodge, which is the coolest hotel in Korea! It's at the army base in Yongsan-right outside of downtown Seoul...
No pictures, because our camera is broken. :( We ordered the new battery, and nothing. Soooo.... we're going to try and find out where to send it, we just bought it in Tucson!!! We're so mad. No pictures to document our first anniversary.
Oh, the Reddicks were so kind to make us an AWESOME brownie cake with cream cheese icing for our anniversary...THEY'RE THE BEST! We love them. Gonna miss Anna and Abby when they leave. :(
Hope everyone is doing wonderful back home...we miss you all.
Love you!
Brooklyn and Cole