Saturday, May 1, 2010


Welp, just got back from a trip to Tuscany/Rome. We flew into Pisa and stayed in Florence for a week with a day trip to Rome. Italy was beautiful, but we still both prefer Germany. Saw the leaning tower, statue of David (the one in the pic is a copy), Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Colliseum, and some other cool stuff. Got to experience really bad drivers (again), pay bathroom fees, and you don't even get free water anywhere......dang. GPS saved our lives numerous times though. It was a great trip, but it's always good to come home to your own place/bed. We love y'all


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Still Jealous..Lots of Love, Mom, Pop and Gracie

  2. I love this new doo Love you guys
    Mom, Pop, Granny an Gracie