Saturday, May 16, 2009

Draggin Ball 2009

the non alky grog

B throwing gang signs and having lots of fun

the alky grog...kinda chewy


So good look'n, B you look beautiful too! Ha

B and I got the opportunity to attend our first military ball here in Korea, which was awesome. For those who don't know...these don't happen very often and are filled with traditions and protocol that make them unique. For instance, we can't eat until the head table eats, you bang your spoon on the table instead of clapping, and if you say/do anything against the "rules" you must get up infront of everyone and proceed to the "Grog." There are two types of Grog bowls, one alcoholic and one non-alky. They are usually made the morning of the ball but no one knows what is in them because a single person is usually responsible for the contents. Cole got to drink three times. Brooklyn was the only wife that got called out for not verbally responding to a toast. It was overrulled by the President of the ball, so she didn't have to partake....I think she was a little sad. Anywho, it was a blast and here are some pics for ya. Love you guys....Enjoy.

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