Monday, February 16, 2009


We had our first Korean skiing experience today, and least we survived.

Apparently the Koreans loooooove them some speed bumps but despise u-turns. We hit no less than 50 speed bumps driving the 80 or so miles to Oak Valley Ski Resort in eastern Korea, probably about 10-15 more than we would have if we'd made all the right turns. We missed the exit we were supposed to take and had to drive another 30 min, go through another 2 toll booths, and get awesome instructions (in korean) on how to get back to the road we wanted. I haven't figured out why they think we can understand korean yet, but they keep talking anyways. Saying "Donde esta" after they finish talking really throws them off too. Anywho, we made it to the resort and skied all afternoon. B mustered up the courage to get on the child lifts and only fell twice (once while standing perfectly still) all guys would be proud. Naw, we had a blast watching other people fall, yeah we may get payed back for it later but you all know it's fun to watch someone else bite it on the snow......see you're kinda laughing to yourself right now. Here are some funny pics to help you pass the time.

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  1. Love you guys. Stay safe. Have lots of fun & enjoy your youth!
    Mom & Pop